Dindona or The rage

TABLEAU PEINTURE oiseau rage vengeance sang Animaux Peinture a l'huile  - Dindona or The rage

Copyright de l'image © Chloe Dasse

Chloe Dasse

Rubrique :
Thème :
Tableau : Animaux
Type :
Tableau petit format

Format : H 27, L 22, P 0.5 cm

Couleur dominante : Bleu

Technique : Peinture a l'huile

Poids : 0,50 kg

Support : Carton


Oil painting, wax, fake blood

Have you ever seen these aggressive hens?
It was one day in Tanzania, the trip of his lifetime. Not mine, not ours.
He loved these hens. He always loved hens.
Well, I hate you.

Chloe Dasse