Waiting for the show in New York

PAINTING acrylique encre bois collage Paysages  - Waiting for the show in New York

Image copyright © Frédéric Haire

Frédéric Haire

Rubrique :
Theme :
Painting : Paysages
Type :
Medium sized painting

Size : H 50, W 50 cm

Support : Bois

Framed : Yes


By Frédéric Haire
Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm

Collages, inks and acrylics on wood and plexiglass.
Unique signed work
Without frame

This creation is part of a series of urban landscapes, thematic worked by the artist since the 2000s.

Collages, acrylics and inks on wooden panel and plexiglass.

Urban landscapes are the reflection of our life. Energies intersect there, lives mix, destinies mix.
The artist has always loved to draw these crowded streets, where women and men wander.

Starting from photos, by choosing framing where the proportion between city buildings and humans always carries meaning, he then intervenes by recreating a more graphic, more interpreted universe. To distance yourself from this reality.

The artist also loves the universality of cities, and the universal symbols they convey.

Frédéric Haire

Ligne artistique Dessiner comme on écrit, raconter mon histoire. En inventant des alexandrins libres, spontanés, dessiner en écrivant devient automatique et le rythme des mots suit le rythme du dessin.