Nude flower

TABLEAU PEINTURE Nude flower Artwork nudes Art nus Abstract nudes Nus Peinture a l'huile  - Nude flower

Copyright de l'image © Kovalenko Kseniya

Kovalenko Kseniya

Rubrique :
Thème :
Peinture d'art : Nus
Type :
Tableau petit format

Format : H 18, L 13, P 0.3 cm

Couleur dominante : Rose

Technique : Peinture a l'huile

Poids : 0,10 kg

Support : Carton


*Nude flower*

Kovalenko Kseniya

Ksenia Kovalenko, lives and works in Kiev. I studied at the Kyiv National University of Construction and architecture. My works are in private collections in Western Europe, Russia, the United States. facebook@[100005347483578]