L'instinct du Blues " N° 05 DS 01

PAINTING Scène de genre Aquarelle  - L'instinct du Blues " N° 05 DS 01

Image copyright © ROGER J.


Rubrique :
Theme :
Painting : Scène de genre
Type :
Small sized painting

Size : H 40, W 30 cm

Main color : Gris

Technical : Aquarelle

Support : Papier


Realized on English paper of extra cloth quality from 300 to 400 G, by regional painter J.ROGER, it is planned for a framework of 50 x 40 cm not provided: dimensions of painting alone are 40 x 30 cm approximately according to the subject.
A certificate of authenticity is stuck to the back of each original work leaving the workshop of the artist, his signature is confirmed by the silhouette of a kitten on the right. Paintings are numbered with the workshop according to a personal file.
The technique is known as mixed: watercolour for softness, and, the acrylic resin which reinforces the colors.
The PAINTER (with dimensions with DROUOT)
Influenced by the areas which accomodated it: fogs of the Loire Valley, the tone of autumn of the Lyonese, the colors changeantes of the Beaujolais wine, the pallet of colours of the forests limousines, and, since more than 15 years in the South of France this impassioned painter translated Provence in all simplicity in the light and, the sun which are offered to him.
J.ROGER generally works on site, the winter of Blackcurrant in Marseilles, and, in season of the buttresses of the Holy-Victoire Mountain at the perched villages of the High-VAr.
Its coast in constant progression is confirmed by the galleries which present it.
I realize on request from your photos or other watercolors of urban landscapes and marine countrymen.
As an indication, the price for a watercolor, 40 x 30 cm frame in 50 x 40 cm is 69 € and the port more packaging € 14 out of France .
PayPal payment if possible much faster and secure for the buyer
Forwarding costs: 10 § livres sterling
Looked after packing, works protected in a sachet seals cellophane.


LE PEINTRE ( coté à DROUOT au nom de ROGER J.) se passionne depuis plus de 20 ans pour l'aquarelle essentiellement réalisée sur site et en Provence dans la lumière et le soleil qui lui sont offerts .En 2009 L'artiste s'est retiré dans le Lyonnais .