Danse IV

PAINTING Guerre Enfance Danse Latine Scène de genre Peinture a l'huile  - Danse IV

Image copyright © Alain Cabot

Alain Cabot

Rubrique :
Theme :
Painting : Scène de genre
Type :
Big sized painting

Size : H 100, W 100, D 5 cm

Main color : Bleu

Technical : Peinture a l'huile

Weight : 1,00 kg

Support : Toile


(Four oils on canvas and mixed techniques; every painting: 100cm x 100cm) The series The dance of death embodies four scenes, quite centered on the theme of the dance. Two characters of intertwined dancers travel in their evolutions represented spaces (in the work n. 3 of the series we even see appearing twice the couple of the dancers, the halving indicating two successive moments of the same movement of dance). It is spaces connoted by few elements, some objects (trucks, weapons of war) and characters (soldiers, children bruised by the war, locked into their rabies, nudes and in the powerless look) who suggest a world in conflict. The background with its lively and contrasted colors (red, yellow and green put there aplat) as well as the stuck papers.

Alain Cabot

Jn° CF48703 MDA Alain cabot, peint des tableaux figuratifs; mais dans son parcours on peut voir un éloignement progressif d'une perception naturaliste et réaliste de l'objet représenté. Son travail se décline dans l'unité de la série...