PAINTING basilic spirituel expression energie Abstrait Peinture a l'huile  - Basilic

Image copyright © Justine Beguin

Justine Beguin

Rubrique :
Theme :
Painting : Abstrait
Type :
Medium sized painting

Size : H 38, W 46, D 0.2 cm

Main color : Violet

Technical : Peinture a l'huile

Weight : 4,00 kg

Support : Toile

Framed : Yes


An oil that I made with great pleasure, mostly in purple shades that evokes a lot of sweetness and emotion. With palette knife technic.

"Basilic", its title refers to the aromatic plant in its purple nuances, both sweet and strong, but also to the snake. This mythical creature that abounds with such strength and power condensed and directed here in a burst of dazzling purple. The contrast of softness but also poison for some people.

What this painting evokes will probably depend on your personality!

Justine Beguin

Artiste peintre autodidacte, je partage les messages de lumière de l'Univers. Peinture à l'huile et aquarelles.